Bassin and Brown


Bassin & Brown

Bassin and Brown is a true British heritage brand that blends classic quality with contemporary stylish twists brought together in everyday clothing accessories. Their ethos is true British authenticity, integrity and attitude for everyday wear; the aim to allow anyone to achieve that sophisticated look which is suitable for all occasions.

Bassin and Brown emerged in 2005, when the fashion industry was starting to take design trends more seriously.

By merging the old values with new fashions, Bassin and Brown ventures to create timeless classic accessories to decorate any attire for formal occasions, but with a touch of the contemporary to appeal the younger generations for more informal gatherings. So anyone and everyone can enjoy the luxury of a Bassin and Brown accessory.

All Bassin and Brown products have been crafted to the utmost standards from only the finest materials including leather. Their accessories collections include luxury leather and woven belts, finest Italian silk for their ties. Bassin and Brown add a touch of class to a mans wardrobe.